Monitoring Jaringan Dengan SMS Alert

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These groups are used when defining alerts; ensuring that a particular action group is notified when the alert is triggered. A user may respond to an SMS to:.

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This article covers the behavior of the SMS alerts and the response actions the user can take based on the locale of the user:. The SMS contains the following information:. If a user has unsubscribed from SMS alerts, but is then added to a new action group; they WILL receive SMS alerts for that new action group, but remain unsubscribed from all previous action groups. Get an overview of activity log alerts and learn how to get alerted Learn more about SMS rate limiting Learn more about action groups.

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Sistem umpan balik baru kami dirancang berdasarkan Masalah GitHub. Seorang teknisi jaringan tidak hanya melakukan pengawasan sebuah jaringan tetapi juga bertugas memperbaiki perangkat jaringan hal ini akan menyulitkan jika suatu saat teknisi memperbaiki perangkat jaringan yang letaknya jauh dari pusat pengawasan situasi ini bisa berakibat fatal jika terjadi kesalahan jaringan yang tidak diketahui karena teknisi jaringan sedang tidak ada di tempat pengawasan.

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  • Sistem ini dibuat dengan tujuan agar seorang teknisi jaringan bisa melakukan pengawasan jaringan kapan saja dan dimana saja dan jaringan akan tetap stabil walaupun teknisi jaringan sedang tidak di pusat pengawasan. Monitoring jaringan, SMS alert. A network technician is not only to supervise a network but also served to improve the network device it will be difficult if a repair technician at the network device that is located far from the central control of these situations could be fatal if a network error occurs is not known as a network technician is not available in place of supervision.

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    Membangun software monitoring jaringan dengan sms alert

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    When the package is ready, the Zabbix installation is very easy. Most of the consumed time were for the configurations. In a brief, Zabbix supports various monitoring methods. Zabbix supports various media notifications: The only requirement for this project is that: There are some SMS services which already made the scripts to integrate with Zabbix but I found the sms rate is pretty expensive and the most important is: I do not have the account yet, and need extra money to buy some credits.

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